Please view our timetable for classes below. If you have any further questions regarding our schedule and classes, please contact us. For any equipment needed for these classes please visit our sponsor Ringsport

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:30am Old Boys club Old Boys club Old Boys club
9:00am Ladies Boxing
5:00pm Aus-box 13-18 years Aus-box 8-14 years Aus-box 13-18 years Aus-box 8-14 years
6:30pm Boxing fitness & skills Boxing fitness & skills Boxing fitness & skills Boxing fitness & skills

Classes at Premier Boxing Club

Boxing Fitness and skills                     $15 per class or monthly

A boxing workout is the perfect combination of cardiovascular and boxing skills training, you’ll burn more calories, build more stamina, develop and tone more muscle in a boxing workout than you will with any other training method. A boxing for fitness class is the non-contact part of a boxer’s workout. All fitness levels welcome.

Aus box 13 – 18 years . $10 per class

A class for boxers in a boxing club training environment. 

  1. Warm up, including skipping, foot work drills, shadow boxing, ab work, strength and conditioning.
  2. Basic to advanced punching skills.
  3. Basic to Advanced foot work
  4. Boxing offence and defence skills.
  5. Partner work – No head contact under 16 years-  Boxing gloves – are here if needed

 Aus-boxing  8-14 years old   $10 per class

A new boxing system aimed at younger participants 10 -16 years to introduce boxing in a way that parents, will be content that their children will gain the well know benefits of boxing without the head contact, in a structured and well presented, with a graded system to keep the enthusiasm.

Old boys fitness and strength                               6.30am to 7.30am

Old school fitness and strength training regime for 40 years + blokes only,  mainly focus on high intensity interval fitness and strength training. Small group training, call Richard on 0418572544.

Ladies only Boxing & Burn

Ladies only boxing training, boxing style warm up, including skipping, bag work, pad work, circuit based exercises as well as push-ups, squats and abdominal work. High intensity interval training workout will push your fitness boundaries.  Ladies box and burn includes partner held pad work. Visit here for boxing gloves.

Personal training From $40

If you want to learn the skills of boxing fast or get fit in a one on one environment Personal boxing training is the best way to do it. Ours PT training are very experienced and can tailor your training to suit you. Call 94462025 for more info. For any equipment needed for these classes please visit our sponsor Ringsport All participants should bring a sweat towel and drink for re-hydration. Boxing gloves and skipping ropes be loaned from us however it is recommended that you purchase your own for health and hygiene reasons. All classes run for approx  55 minutes. Enclosed shoes must worn for all classes and gym work outs.