Over the years as boxing has grown in popularity as a way to improve fitness so have the many personal trainers and boxing enthusiast who have turned their hand to coaching boxing. I have watched some interesting punching combinations being taught, which would struggle to be effective in the real world. I have written some lead boxing combination that work in competition and will always leave you in a strong position to defend safely and not open to counter punches from you opponent or training partner

There are 4 main punches in boxing, with many variations of these punches and endless

punching combinations. When a combination is thrown the second punch crosses over the

first when the first is half way back from it starting position. If you need good quality sparring gloves visit the link.

Some of these combinations are advanced especially the Right lead combination, in which you will need to fast and confident, or they would be used as a counter punch combination.


• Left Jab – inside jab

• Right cross – straight right – short right – over hand right.

• Hook – left hook – right hook – short hook – long hook – body hook.

• Upper cut – Left upper cut – right upper cut.

The most important thing to remember when creating punch combinations is that they must

flow together with the weight of the body as it moves forward or backward. All good punching

combinations help each individual punch deliver the power of the whole body as it moves

through each punch.

The feet must always be moving with the punches, not only to deliver the power to the punches but also to keep in punching range as the opponent moves away to evade being hit. For more boxing info read Richard Davis Boxing book Modern boxing for all 

Below is a list of punching combinations that work in the real world


• Left jab – right cross

• Left jab – right cross – left jab

• Left jab – right cross – left hook

• Left jab – right cross – left hook – right cross

• Left jab – right cross – left upper cut

• Left jab – right cross – left upper cut – short right

• Left jab – left hook

• Left jab – left hook – right cross – left hook

• Left jab – right cross to the body

• Left jab – right cross to the body – left hook to head

• Left jab – over hand right to head

• Left jab – over hand right to head – left uppercut.

• Left jab – right cross – left hook to the body

• Left jab – right cross – left hook to the body – right hook to the body


• Right cross – straight left

• Right cross – straight left – right cross

• Right cross – left hook

• Right cross – left hook – right cross

• Right cross – left hook – right cross – left upper cut

• Right cross – slip inside to left, left upper cut in close


• Left hook – right cross to head

• Left hook – right cross to head – left hook

• Left hook – right cross to body – left hook to head

• Left hook – right cross to head – hook to body



Most Boxing clubs offer boxing classes for people from all works of life, from young children from 6 or 7 years and up to 80+ Years old, boxing holds no prejudices no matter what your back ground your shape or your ability, anyone can learn to box. There are many boxing classes for children where they can learn the skills of boxing in a safe controlled environment, some even specialize in helping children that may be having problems at school or other social gatherings and may not be treated as well as they should by other boys or girls.

If a boy or girl stays at a boxing for reasonable amount of time and learns the art of boxing he will grow in confidence and structure, if he or she competes as a boxer he will change his position at school and in life forever. Bullying will never affect him or her, school results will improve and relationships will improve, I say these thing as I have witnessed it many times through my boxing and coaching career and found that boxing is a great sport to bring out the true potential in a young person.

Competition boxing is not for everyone and it is very, very hard work, anything worth getting is worth working for. Below is a photo of three such boys who did the hard work and will be changed forever.

Premier boxing stars with over 90 fights between them.

Harry, Mike, Callum when they were younger

The boys above Callum, Mike and Harry are a classic example of young boy’s joining a boxing club and over years developing into fine young men all three of these boys started boxing for fitness at the age of 13 to 14 years and after a slow start they all developed into fine classy boxers, with Callum Harry and Mike all won state titles and went on to the Australian titles. Callum and Mike winning at the championships in their weight divisions and Harry a runner up at the next Australian national titles.

These kids were not super talented athletes but they were willing to train very hard listen and learning over years, they are not from under privileged families or have harsh back grounds. Just kids that found a sport in which they could thrive and develop, all of these boys started at roughly the same time and Harry is now at 25 a detective in the Perth police force, Michael at 25 is an army officer and Callum is a tradesman.

I like to think boxing had a very positive bearing on these boys in their development and their chosen futures.

I am not saying that every boy or girl that joins a boxing gym will become a national champion but I am saying boxing can help develop children in many positive ways and will always be a sport that has much to offer anybody that spends some time in a boxing club.

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